Color Printing

Color Printing

Printing in color is the backbone of any successful printed product. It brings a vibrant and engaging element to whatever you may be printing. It increases the likelihood of customers, students, member or anybody else to grasp, fully, the content in your product. Without it, people can lose interest quickly, and your message may be lost. Having an impressive presentation can mean everything.

When you're ready to buy color copies there are a few things you may want to consider.


Top Quality

Color printing machines produce a wide range of quality. Things like resolution, contrast, DPI (dots per sq. in.), even coverage, staying consistent during a printing run can all have a profound effect on how your color copies will appear in the finished product. Many companies operate substandard or obsolete machines. Make sure you can easily find information on what machines they use before you make a purchase.

Make sure you convert your PDF files with a good converting program. Many free versions won’t convert your files at high DPI (dots per sq. in.). If your files aren't converted well, the quality of the printing machines won't matter.

Paper choices:

Paper Choices

Many online printing companies limit the choices of paper for your color copies depending on your product type. Some companies give you no choice at all in the types of paper you can choose. When a company predetermines paper type it may make it easier for them to print but it may not necessarily be the type best for you.

The needs of each customer can vary greatly. Some customers may be particularly price conscience other customers may want the best quality regardless of the price. A company that gives you recommendations on what might be best for your color copies product but still allows you to choose exactly what you want is priceless. In addition, it is vital to keep in mind some paper types simply don’t work with certain products.

Binding Options:


If your order includes any binding, look for what types of bindings are offered by the printer. Many companies only offer one or two types which may not fit into your needs. If your order requires Perfect Binding (like a paperback book), check and see if that option is available.

Often, bindings like perfect binding, are not available. The binding you use with your color copies can have a significant effect on your presentation. When you are, ordering color printing, finding the right binding is important for the look and feel of your product.

Other factors:

You should examine what the company as a whole offers. What they offer may not be as good as you might think. Some have minimums orders where they won't take your job unless you. Order a certain amount. Others charge setup fees where they charge you just because you ordered from them. They can lack quality due to their poor equipment. They also may have fixed quantities forcing you to buy more than you need.

Follow these tips for ordering color printing from an online printing company. You're sure to have a product both you and your audience will be truly impressed and satisfied.

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