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Online printing offers printed products that are traditionally offered in brick-and-mortar stores. The availability of ordering copies online has seen brisk online growth due to advances in technology which make the process easy. This growing trend offers far lower prices and can save time by eliminating the hassle of traveling to and from brick-and-mortar establishments.

Advantages of ordering copies online

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Lower prices -
Centralized production means better prices for you.

Better Quality -
Access to superior equipment not found locally

Convenience -
No travelling back and forth, wasting time

More paper and binding choices -
A wider variety than typically offered locally

Why Online Printing is Better

The rapid expansion of Online Printing has the old model of brick-and-mortar printing suppliers fading fast. Large chain stores often have copy centers that are too small to have advanced equipment and their staffs often have little experience. Large chains have many stores that divide their capabilities instead of uniting them as online printers can do. By dividing these resources local customers do not have access to the kind of quality and pricing that "Fortune 500" customers and organizations enjoy. The inefficiencies of these large chain stores cost the local consumer money, quality and the convenience.

Online printing companies often have their equipment consolidated in one place. Increasing order volume in a single location allows them to maintain higher quality equipment and lower prices. In addition, being on the Internet provides a great deal of convenience for the consumer because they don't waste valuable time traveling and waste resources like fuel. These reasons give companies producing copies online a clear competitive advantage over traditional suppliers.

Consideration Checklist for Online Printers


Do they have good equipment -
Means higher chance for good quality

Look for clear-cut prices -
Watch out for misleading prices

Check turnaround time -
What's their average turnaround time

Avoid hidden fees -
Often companies will add additional fees

Who uses Online Printing

The groups that benefit the most from ordering their copies online are small businesses, local non-profits, educators, medical offices, local houses of worship, and more. In the past, these groups did not have access to high quality production equipment that large businesses and organizations enjoyed. They had to rely on the copy centers of large chains with low quality machines and higher costs which resulted in higher prices for poorer quality.

Online Printing gives these groups access to the same high quality machines and low prices that traditionally were only in the purview of large businesses. They too can now enjoy significantly lower prices and better quality that they had been receiving at those large chain stores.

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