Cheap Color Copies

Cheap Color Copies

With so many online companies offering cheap color copies which one should you pick? Many factors might be popping into your head right now but here are few things that you may want to consider when picking a cheap color printing company.

Quality printing:

As with most products, you worry that if you buy cheaply the quality will suffer, and, as a result, your color copies won't be presentable to anyone. Being embarrassed with what you just handed to someone is a terrible feeling. The good news is that you can definitely get great quality cheap color copies even when paying a low price. Just consider the points below and you’ll get the price you want and the quality you deserve.

Equipment -
The quality of the machines can vary greatly between cheap color copy suppliers. Many companies never tell you what kind of equipment they use. Ask yourself "Do they freely disclose what kind of equipment they have?"

Top Quality

Buy a PDF converting program -
Free PDF converting programs, generally, don't convert your color files well enough to maintain high quality for printing. This is especially true if they are logo or graphic heavy files. It's a good idea to buy a program like Nitro PDF especially if you plan on ordering printing regularly. It's cheaper than the Adobe version and does a great job converting. Just make sure you pick the "Print ready" option to maximize the quality potential.

Monitor Color Contrast -
All monitors do not display the same range of colors. Just like when you are at a TV store and notice the difference in color of the TVs. Good printers can actually print a huge range of color, more than the typical monitor. Look at your files on a different computer or order a small amount to check if that's the colors you really want over the long term.


Out in the World Wide Web a vast array of complicated price schedules and advertised prices that apply only to a pinhole segment of the cheap color copies can lead to a head filled with confusion. Flat rate prices can be a lifesaver and finding an online printing company that offers this is must. With many other price deceptions that linger around the world of cheap color printing, you may want to consider the follow points.

As Low As

Flat Rate Prices -
Find an online printing company that offers flat rate prices that are clear and easy to understand. Make sure you don't get charge a higher rate for simply ordering too small a quantity. Your money is better served upgrading paper, folding, binding and not a ridiculous price schedule.


Pre-determined Quantities -
Nothing is worse than being forced into buying more cheap color copies than you need. Many online printers have set quantities such as 250, 500, 1000 etc...but what if you need 325? Now you have to pay for 500 just because you fall in between the set quantities. Even if the price per piece may be reasonable the fact that you have to buy more severely offset the good price. Find a company that lets you order whatever you amount you need.

Finding the best source for your cheap color copies can be hard but follow these tips and you are sure to find the right printer for you. Don’t be discouraged there are great cheap color printing providers out there.

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