Cheap Copies

Cheap Copies

Everybody wants to know they are getting the best deal. Who likes to feel they’ve paid too much for something? Nobody does. This applies to anything and everything including finding cheap copies. However, this is fraught with many pitfalls and tricks as you search the web for the best deal. Many things are being said or promised but may not be delivered. We must examine those pitfalls and try to avoid them the best we can.

Pitfalls and tricks of ordering cheap copies online:

Prices can vary widely from company to company depending on many internal factors of each company. However, there are something’s that can be very annoying about the way many companies advertise their prices for cheap copies.


The bait-and-switch price -
As Low As Many online printing places will mislead lead you into thinking they have a low price only to find it doesn't apply to your order. You see a listing in a search engine, like Google, that advertises this amazingly low price, so you click on the link and go to the site. Once you are there, you go to put in your order details so you can get an instant quote for your order. All of a sudden the price for "supposedly" cheap copies jumps in price. You start to wonder "what is happening here" as you expected the price to be lower. You look a bit deeper to only to find out that the low price you were expecting to get only applies to orders of one single sided page printed 25,000 times!

This trick is all too common these days. If the price goes up it should be because you added a higher quality paper, binding, or folding option, not because you order too small a quantity. Make sure they firmly advertise the price of our cheap copies. It is far better knowing what you can expect than to be constantly getting tricked with misleading advertised prices.

Extra Fees

Fees Chart

The minimum order -
Many online companies offering cheap copies have minimum quantities you must order before they consider printing your job. But what if you only need a small quantity? What if you want to try out the product before purchasing a larger amount? It is a shame when companies force potential future customers into purchase more than they may need or not let you at least order a test run.

The setup fee -
This is just another trick to advertise a lower price but actually charge you more by adding a charge just to prepare their machines for your order. It's deceptive; you should never have to deal with a setup fee.

If you avoid these pitfalls, you will surely be getting the best deal for your cheap copies. Examine all of what the companies are offering you and make an educated decision before you start order your printing online.

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